Yamaha Music Classes

For over 50 years, 6 million families worldwide have trusted Yamaha Music Education programs to inspire a lifelong love and appreciation of music learning, playing and creative expression for children aged 3 to 10 years.

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Our certified instructors craft a private lesson plan to fit your individual skill level, learning style and musical preference. They will then work with you to set and achieve goals as you progress through the building blocks of music – from ear training and reading to music theory and harmony. With our expert direction and support, you will pick up the skills and gain the confidence you need to unlock your creativity and experience music lessons in a fun and exciting way.


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Music Wonderland Class Ages 3-3.5

The in-class musical experiences establish a foundation for musical ability and cultivate a life-long love of music. Recognizing the significance of fantasy, play, and the imagination in the learning of children of this age, the activities, textbooks, and music are filled with suitable colorful, playful imagery, sounds, and subjects.

Junior Music Course Ages 4-5

The in-class musical experiences nurture creativity and help instill the basis for playing and expression through feeling and understanding music. Performing songs introduces children to the joy of expressing music by themselves. Junior Music Course experiences cultivate a child’s musical creativity and sense of harmony.

Young Musicians Course Ages 6-7

The Young Musicians Course is founded on the belief that every student loves music. During the two-year program, students participate in activities that teach basic musical skills and encourage independence, creativity and self-expression.  The course appeals to the imagination of a young mind and becomes an integral part of your child’s growth.

Practicing Yamaha student Ages 3-3.5

As a student in the Yamaha Piano Course, you will be learning from our exclusive Pianoforte curriculum, developed by the Yamaha Music Foundation, Japan. Our proven syllabus will facilitate learning of piano essentials like arpeggios and scales, to more unique subjects like keyboard harmony, duets and improvisation.

Group Guitar Class Ages 3-3.5

Reading, Rhythm and Retention, “The Three R’s of Guitar”, are essential to success on any instrument. Students will learn to develop these skills through fun and stimulating lessons that are crafted to suit their specific needs. Students learn to play independently and also with the instructor, developing the know-how to continue learning and collaborating with others. Classes start the week of January 26, 2015.

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